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Capture qualified leads through our virtual tours
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Virtual Reality + Lead Generation
Don’t let leads slip through the cracks.

Showcase Listing

Beautifully showcase your property to renters through an immersively realistic experience.

Build Your List

Use our customer relationship management system to help build an email list for those interested in your listing.

Remarket to Leads

As your email list grows we can help you deploy marketing strategies like targeted marketing to your list through facebook, google, and instagram.

Access Our Network

Our network of listings generate qualified leads. Have the ability to market to a larger pool of renters from our entire database.


We track views within your app so you can get detailed information on how people interact with your tour.

Social Promotion

Your photos will be shared on our instagram account and we provide details for your renters to share their experience.
VR Tour | Hosting | Lead Generation

Our virtual tours include everything you see in our listings (360 virtual tour and photography) plus online hosting as well as access to our CRM system for email lead generation.

$67 + $3/month



Kurt, an ADK 46er, brings a wealth of knowledge from his position as a media director at a Wall Street firm – generating over 1.3 million in revenue in 2017 through a content driven approach. Rent Adirondacks will be the first of its kind to exclusively feature virtual reality listings. As a Trusted Google Street View photographer, Kurt understands that virtual listings generate high engagement and are essential for marketing in today’s content driven landscape and when combined with automated lead generation creates a powerful marketing strategy.


Frequently asked questions

How do I schedule a tour?
To schedule a tour with us, please visit our scheduling page to pick an available time that works for you. After you submit this we will reach out to you to confirm the appointment.
How long does the photography take?
Expect it to take about an hour to photograph your property. If you have a larger property it will take longer.
How long does it take a build the tour?

We try to keep turnaround times under 48 hours but it could take longer depending on where you stand in our queue.

How do I share the tour?
We provide you with a link to the tour where it is hosted. You can either share that link as you would any other link or can use an embed code to directly embed into a webpage.
How do I get my leads?

Our tours offer in-app lead generation. When someone enters their email it gets passed through our CRM system. You will receive an email notification when this happens. 

How do I market to my leads?
We will soon offer options to market to your leads, stay tuned!
Why we promote your property on Instagram and want your renters to?
When we go to your property to capture VR photography, we also capture detail photos that can be used for our instagram. This is used to help promote your property and the Rent Adirondacks brand. We will leave business cards with info on how your renters can share their experience on instagram. When someone shares your photos of their stay it expands your listings reach at no cost!
Why do we require a monthly subscription?
We require a very affordable monthly subscription because it costs money to host your virtual tour and to provide you access to our CRM system. 
What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel your subscription with us at anytime. We however will not continue to host your virtual tour on our servers or provide you with CRM access.